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My LA Studio - Web Transfers - Or on location.

 Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Programming. This is what I do.

I can play on your songs. Then send you the tracks via the Web.

i.e - Just Percussion, Just Drums, both,

Lead Vocal, Background Vocals or both. 


Song are composed, licensed and recorded for your Artist, Project,  Film and  TV

Do you have a song you need help writing? I can do that for you too.

My music has been heard on records, HBO, Hallmark, Jose Feliciano, and many TV shows.


Prices are negotiated at an hourly rate based on the instrument request or vocal performances.

Songwriting Project prices are negotiated by composition and with musician hire if needed.

My Music and

Performances can be 

heard on

many productions:

Elton John to Jose Feliciano

HBO to Hallmark

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